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You encourage artistic talents an creativity. You support and harbor eternal and universal love and sacrifice. You receive nourishment by those who can help you gently believe in your own thoughts, beliefs and dreams. You are healed by romance and enchantment, by reveries and hope.

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Aries man: He is really nice but loves to tease and joke around. His jokes can be rude sometimes but he can be a good person. Aries woman: She is sociable af. Loves trouble for some odd reason but keeps herself restricted to the rules. So she would hang out with bad but she herself is really responsible. Always commenting on something, sucks at jokes because he is looking everything with so much logic. Really cool once you get to know him. And caring. Taurus woman: Hardworking.

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She is ambitious and she gets what she wants with hard work. She wants the best. Gemini man: I love gemini man. He is funny and loves to talk.

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He talks too much but in a way that you like it. He is very charming and cute. They have two sides and you never know which one to expect. Cancer man: He is such a sunshine. Cancer woman: Really chill. Brave tho. Leo man: oh leos…prideful af. Good liars and actually care so much but never know how to show it so he comes out as an asshole.

Leo woman: Strong but also fragile when it comes to heart matters. Confident in her actions.

Aries Constellation: Facts About the Ram

Virgo man: Critical but great humor. Sociable and loves to talk. Virgo woman: Shy and quiet at first, once you get to know her she is crazy and funny, never shut ups. She can kill a bug and then feel sad bc she feels guilty for killing it. She hides her feelings and never shows the real her which makes her come out as a cold hearted bitch.

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  • Libra man: Gentlemans but fake af. Very good at seducing and at getting what they want. Hard to figure out when are they sincere and when not. Bit weird but likeable weird. Libra woman: Complicated. And fake.

    She wants to be the dominant one in the relatioship. Confused when in love. She is kind of like in denial when she is in love.

    Would be a complicated mother. Scorpio man: Sexy. I find them sexy. He just knows how to show what he wants you to show. Whether is it sexiness or anger or joy… He just shows it in the best way possible. Scorpio woman: Like a scorpio man.

    She can be really sexy but on the other hand she can pretty much be the messiest woman in your life. Shows you what she wants to show you. Sagittarius man: where. Would do anything to keep it. Dont trust him too much. They are decieving but are kinda okayish.

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    Sagittarius woman: Honestly, she doesnt give a fuck what anybody thinks. Especially if she was a kid being bullied at a young age than she would show them who they messed with. She is really smart but can sometimes think really selfishly. Capricorn man: Sex. All he thinks about. And money. How to get money. He is actually a really good person loyal like any other earth sign to trust with finances but God never trust him with a girl.

    Aquarius man: Pff… Be careful of those. He grows confused and doubtful. Aquarius woman: So insecure but so goddamn beautiful. Ever, never. She is emotional af. Cries at everything but she is also really tough. She will never tell you whats wrong.. But you can guess when it is when she starts distancing herself from you. Pisces man: Those charming motherfuckers. Lovely smiles but can be a prick sometimes so be careful of those. Pisces woman: Either really open or very reserved.

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    They can really make your day better with everything they do but they can also piss you off by being too naive and with their moods. They are really confused and not deternined and that can be really annoying when picking somewhere to go or what to do. Gemini: When you laugh so hard that your stomach begins to hurt, but you continue to laugh because of the amount of joy it brings you.

    Keep reading. Aries are typically known to be aggressive and protective of the things they love, but they can easily get stressed when they feel that things they love are being threatened. Aries strive for peace and calm in their personal space. And most of the time, an Aries will get what they want. Buck tradition with an alternative wedding theme, and roll with it however you see fit. If cool, moody color palettes and creative stand-ins match your style better than bright flora and been-there-done-that wedding decor, then an alternative theme has your name written all over it.