Cancer weekly horoscope march 11

Your partner may be misinformed about you or may come out with a grudge from long ago. You will be able to deal with this easily in a sympathetic manner which will actually strengthen your relationship. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.

Research students are going to receive a piece of very good news today. Those sitting for competitive examinations will also fare better than expectations. However, timing can be crucial today. The opportunity that will be brought by these events need to be utilized as quickly as possible; otherwise, you may have missed the boat. You may have to take a bold step to secure your career.

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Applications for jobs can become interviews. The energy that you put into developing yourself professionally is there so you can move forward with plans for development in this area. Cancer, there's lots of fun times ahead for you. This month, when Jupiter when retrograde, your 5th house activated, and this could be a time of romance, children, or even looking back at childhood in a fond way. You may enjoy scrapbooking and want to get to working on updating yours or digging out old family photos and create memories that are in a new form.

Speaking of new forms, Mercury and Venus in Aries affects your career goals and success. This is a time where you may have to speak up at work but you could also have some conflicts with authority figures when you do. Some may challenge your decisions and you'll need to be sure to keep a paper trail so that your back is covered. Try not to step on toes and use a soft approach when speaking to people who manage your work. With the New Moon in Pisces affecting the 9th house, this is a time where travel or educational goals can begin. If you've been meaning to take a trip, go to a seminar, get new skills but you have to go some where to learn, don't be afraid of taking the leap and heading out.

Your March 11, 12222 Weekly Horoscope Gives You The Chance To Reflect On Your Life

It will be good for you. Good luck! Leo, this week is going to touch your heart in all the right ways. You may have some concerns or desire to care for your family. Spending time with your loved ones, enjoy family dinners more, go visit friends who feel like family are all wonderful ways to see how you've been blessed. Now that Mercury and Venus are in Aries, you may be interested in learning new things and taking initiative. You might also find yourself in teaching roles where you are encouraging others to learn and grow. This is a time to get into the books, research new ideas and also keep a journal of what you're interested in exploring.

The New Moon in Pisces affects your 8th house, shared property. You could be getting help from friends, family or finding investors for a business idea that you have. You may apply for a loan and get a positive response.

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This is a good time to look at your network and see where opportunity is hidden for you to grow and make big moves. Virgo, with Jupiter retrograde affecting your 3rd House, you can be helpful to others and the community at large.

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Do you have things to donate? Do it on the way to work or after?

Have you been meaning to get more involved with animal rights or a local charity in some way, it's now the right time to look into volunteer opportunities. This could also be a time to show you neighbors that you are there if they need something, and vice versa.

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With Mercury and Venus in your 8th House, matters related to care and concern of joint property or things that you share with intimate meaning may be discussed more. Perhaps this involves a decision to buy a home or your partner is going to gain something and now they will be able to help you with some area of your life that's been lacking. All good news. When the New Moon in Pisces affects your 7th house, partnership comes into play. This is a time when you are able to open up and explore new collaborative projects and opportunities for travel, business, fun and hobby time with friends.

Have fun! So, you've got some routines in place, or may be you don't but it's time to get some down. You may want to reevaluate what's working and what isn't.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Are there snags in the routine that absorb your time in a negative way. You may need to rethink them. If you've been meaning to quit an activity and have been unsure, now is the time to consider that as well. With Mercury and Venus in your 7th house, collaborative chit-chats will come into play. Take it seriously if someone says they'd like to get together to discuss a project or an idea to work on something.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

It could become a reality. Also, when the New Moon in Pisces hits your 6th House of health, this is again, a time to start fresh and hit the reset button on health related matters. During this cycle, yes, you could get sick from a cold or be more vulnerable if you don't listen to your body's need for sleep, water, food, etc.

Just be good to you! Scorpio, this week there's an opportunity for you to be busy with projects at home and out. With Jupiter retrograde in your 1st House it's little wonder that you're looking in the mirror and want to do something different. You might be interested in changing your wardrobe or just getting things more organized. Whatever works! Now that Mercury and Venus are in your 6th House, you could find that conversations affect your emotions more.

You may be thinking about getting into therapy to deal with past issues, or you might want to hire a consultant to get you on the right path for financial positioning, how to improve your home ergonomics, or simply just need to do some self work and require advice. All work and no play isn't healthy, so do be sure to add balance into your life, too. When she isn't exploring the meaning of life with help from the universe, she can be found stargazing.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Follow Us. Sometimes misunderstandings are no more than that. Judging by the current complex planetary activity, even seemingly simple issues are far more complicated than you realise. Focus on the core issue and nothing more.

Explore the ideas being discussed, but make no promises until you know a lot more. The powerful planetary activity of the past few days has both triggered changes in existing plans and raised questions about longstanding goals. True, this will take longer. But what you discover could mean that, ultimately, things work out better.