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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign on the Zodiac and it runs from August 23rd to September 22 nd. It is represented by the sign of the Maiden and is an earth sign.

Being conservative and organised they will often lead life to precision but they can be incredibly messy! Beware โ€” this zodiac sign can be overly critical!

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How to attract a Virgo man: If you want to seduce a Virgo man you need to be respectful of their need for order and cleanliness. He can take quite some time to make up his mind before deciding if he is romantically interested or not โ€” preferring to get to know you before entering into a relationship.

Virgo man is reliable and intelligent which makes him a great partner. Unfortunately, the negative qualities are there too โ€” fussy, meticulous, moody and reserved.

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How to attract a Virgo woman: Virgo woman is reliable, witty and wise. The have a lot of common sense and a keen eye for detail. If you want to attract her you may find her intimidating at first as she will come across as indifferent. Simply call us or click the button below and book a telephone reading with one of our fantastic psychics today.

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Famous Virgo's Interactive Quiz. Are you a typical Virgo? Do you have the same attributes, qualitys and habits as a typical Virgo?

Which star sign is compatible with yours? Who should you stay away from in relationships?

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